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SCA Benefits

All employees working in DC are eligible for DC Transportation benefit which allows purchase of pre-tax transportation fares. All employees working in DC are eligible for the DC Family Medical Leave Act and will be eligible for the Paid Family Leave Act Benefit starting in July 2020.    

Includes a $4.22/hour company contribution to be used for employee Medical (including Dental and Vision) premiums and the employee’s 401k retirement plan.  The $4.22/hour is not available as a cash pay-out. SCA employees also receive 56 hours of sick time as a lump sum on 1 January, and 10 paid holidays.  Vacation hours are accrued starting January first over a ten-month period ending October 31st. Staff with 0-5 years earn 4.0 hours per pay period, Staff with 5-15 years of experience earn 6 hours per pay period and staff with 15+ years of experience earn 8 hours per pay period. There are annual limitations on how much vacation can be carried over to the subsequent year.

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