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Employee Benefits

CeleraPro recognizes that employees are our most important asset. We have designed our benefits program to help our employees succeed both professionally and personally, and our selection of benefits reflects our ongoing commitment to this objective. Along with competitive salaries, our comprehensive benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, a 401(k) savings plan with CeleraPro matching contributions, employee assistance program, flexible spending account plans, and tuition reimbursement for education and training. These highlights do not represent complete CeleraPro policy statements. Official policies, procedures, or plan documents contain complete information and additional details.

CeleraPro Benefits

CeleraPro has two types of employee benefits: those designed for SCA employees and those for non-SCA employees.  While the value of the benefits is roughly equivalent, they are distinct in their definition. 

All employees get 10 paid holidays.

All employees working in DC are eligible for DC Transportation benefit which allows purchase of pre-tax transportation fares. All employees working in DC are eligible for the DC Family Medical Leave Act and will be eligible for the Paid Family Leave Act Benefit starting in July 2020.   

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