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Mission, Vision & Values


CeleraPro seeks to leverage our commitment to insight, integrity, and innovation, to drive solutions towards a more connected and protected nation.


CeleraPro will be a recognized leader in the integration and application of information technology, engineering, and innovative solutions to solve our Nation’s most complex challenges through dedication to our customers’ success. 


Integrity – At CeleraPro, Integrity is in our tagline, in our ethos, and is evident in our delivery. We never compromise our values in the pursuit of business performance. We practice the highest ethical standards, honoring our commitments, and creating value by doing the right thing for our clients, our employees, and our communities.

Insight – At CeleraPro, we bring to our clients a depth of understanding and experience. We appreciate explicit needs and are sensitive to implicit needs and ambiguity. Our expertise encompasses perception, comprehension, and passion in support of our client’s mission.

Innovation – CeleraPro is anything but business as usual. We defy the status quo, embrace change, dare to be different, and offer a client-centric strategic perspective. We are tenacious, curious, and foster a culture of creativity to catalyze meaningful, positive change.  CeleraPro leadership and employees are “out-of-the-box” original thinkers; striving to learn, excel, and make a difference.

Agility – CeleraPro teams are flexible, creative, and resilient; balancing speed and stability to achieve optimal mission results. Our teams can think and act small while using the size and strength of our corporate resources to deliver an advantage.

Collaboration – Inclusive, team-oriented, and proactively engaging we are dedicated to forging lasting relationships. We leverage decades of experience, and a large network of experts to deliver the best solution for our clients.

Commitment – Embracing a servant leadership model, commitment to our clients and team means we are accountable, efficient, ethical, and stand behind our solutions.

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