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Charles Steele

Charles Steele
Vice President of Program Execution (VPPE)

Charles Steele, Vice President of Contract Operations (VPCO) for CeleraPro, started his career as a member of the United States Air Force from 1971-1975. After receiving his basic training in Texas, he was assigned to the Satellite Test center in Sunnyvale, CA where he gained the experience and training that would influence his future career path. After his military service, Mr. Steele went on to complete his education. In that pursuit, he received a BSBA in Business Management from the University of San Francisco and a MSSM in Systems Management/Research and Development from the University of Southern California.

Charles joined Lockheed Martin in 1975 as a systems analyst supporting satellite operations. In 1980, he was hired by Systems Development Corporation as an evaluator of Mission Planning software and the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSN) operational software. In 1983, Martin Marietta hired him to join the team supporting systems integration of specific government packages on the Space Shuttle program. The focus was on the integration of the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and Defense Satellite Program (DSP).

He joined Geodynamics Corporation team in 1984 to support the National Geospatial Imagery Agency (NGA) providing gap analysis and verification of both operational and systems architecture, and implementation and studies of outsourcing processes. Mr. Steele provided architecture and standards development support to the Central Imagery Office (CIO) including requirements definition, evaluation of design and development, contingency planning, and implementation. He was responsible for the development and implementation of an operations planning approach for the Milstar Program including the Preliminary design Audit (PDA) and the Orbital Management Test Plan.

After joining Booz Allen Hamilton in 1993, Mr. Steele directed the development of the initial United States Imagery System (USIS) Technology Standards document. He provided system engineering support to the National Geospatial Imagery Agency (NGA). His focus was on architecture development processes and user requirements.

In 1997, Mr. Steeleā€™s career took a turn. He joined Scitor Corporation and moved into management, development, and implementation of strategic planning and organizational guidance. Mr. Steele provided support to the Director/National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the NRO/Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) Office focused on strategic intent planning, deployment of corporate goals and metrics, performance assessment, and implementation of strategic mission accomplishment.

Mr. Steele decided to return to Booz Allen Hamilton in 2002 as the PM and technical lead for strategic planning, change management, business process improvement, and performance assessment support for the Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office (DTS-PO). Along the way, Mr. Steele also lead the effort for business process improvement efforts at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Science Foundation (NSF), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In 2012, he had a unique opportunity. While at Deloitte, Mr. Steele had the opportunity to lead a team providing support to the United States Paralympics (USP) developing team strategy and interaction in support of the United States Olympics Games in London. He worked with the leadership team and athletes at the Colorado Springs, CO training site. In addition, he was a keynote speaker at the USP Leadership Conference.

In recent years, he has provided independent management consulting and strategy planning support to several government organizations and is currently supporting GSA, among other efforts, at CeleraPro LLC as the Director of Programs. He is focused on the growth and impact of CeleraPro on organizations in the future.
Personally, Mr. Steele has committed leadership time with the Boy Scouts where is son reached Eagle Scout, and coached/organized football, baseball, and soccer teams for youth for over 15 years. He has three grown children, all married with their own families now, and enjoys music, the beach, and still getting out to golf when possible.

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